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    Can I sell sounds with "attribution licence"?

    If we look at following description from, can we sell sound with licence "attribution" like we can sell sound with CC0 licence (with credit provided) ?

    We aren't lawyers so this isn't legal advice, but here's our summary: for the "zero" license you can do pretty much what you want with the sound. You could even sell the sound, ... but you can't claim you are the author! For "attribution" you should always mention the original creators of the sounds when you use them. "Noncommercial" works like attribution, but you can't earn any money with the piece of work you create! As with all licenses the original creator can give you permission to use the sound outside of the original license.

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    The answer is yes, you can make money from CCBY (attribution) licensed sounds, as long as you meet the attribution criteria. Not to be mistaken with CCBY-NC though!

    Also worth skimming over:

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