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    Raw data/glitchy sounds?

    Greetings, this is my first post on the forums.

    I was thinking about uploading some songs I ripped using the "Import raw data" function in Audacity. This function, when used on certain types of files, can result in some very glitchy sounds which might be useful as an unnerving sound effect or ambiance.

    However, I'm concerned that some would see an upload like that as unauthentic, since they're taken from an already existing piece of data. Not to mention that someone with enough technical know-how could potentially convert that audio back into data, and how I could be seen as spamming if I upload too many within a small time frame.

    Should I upload some of the sounds I made, or just scrap them and record something of my own?

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    Welcome to Freesound hammerheader

    Don't worry too much about it. I would say upload and let a moderator decide to approve.

    Your sounds are probably fine, just make sure you follow the guidelines...

    FAQ - Describing Sounds

    Have fun! smile

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    The Freesound Team
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    I too agree that this is fine as I come across many sound like this.
    So long as the sound is so manipulated from the original that copyright of the sound is beyond recognition.

    Excerpt from the link Headphaze posted.

    What sounds are legal to put on freesound?
    First off, we're not copyright lawyers, so these guidelines should not be seen as legal advice wink

    You created the sound yourself: The same applies as for recording - consider the sources! If you cut a piece from a song by Madonna, guess what, you shouldn't put it on freesound! There are limits to this of course: if you cut a piece of sound from a song and then process it until it's completely unrecognizable, that's fine!

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    I did notice that importing certain files as raw data will also import actual audio from within said file instead of a glitchy mess, which would be a big no-no. For example, importing DOOM.wad into Audacity as raw data will result in some of the sound effects from the game showing up in the audio track, with their speed and position dependent on the sampling rate that the file is imported at. That kind of thing is not my intention though, especially since I want to upload everything as CC0.

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    I think that raw data uploads are ok. If it has something that is copyrighted, you're always free to edit the sound by slowing it, adding effects and so on until it is completely new. For example, it is not ok to publish sounds from sound effect cd's, but if you manipulate the original sound or mix multiple sounds together, you have created them so you're free to publish your work at Freesound.

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