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    Has anyone dared to calculate the current number of sounds on this site? I bet the total is huge. It'd be virtually impossible to calculate since sounds are being uploaded every day. I just want to get a general idea.

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    Hi there

    This is a good question actually.

    The total amount of sounds currently in the database is exactly 437,295 however the total amount uploaded (all time) is 494,635; this number includes deleted sounds.

    We don't need to calculate it because we can see the amount of sounds already, even you can without an admin interface.

    If you go to the "sounds" tab and look at recent additions, click on the top sound and then when you're on the details page the URL will show the ID of the sound at the end which currently is

    That number corresponds to the upload counter. Every sound has a unique counter ID and if it's deleted it will keep the counter spot in the sequence. So this is why the ID number is higher than the actual total number of sounds that exist right now in the database (which only admins can see).

    You can have some fun with this and see the first sound in the database (that hasn't been deleted) by modifying the short URL a bit:

    I hope this was interesting for you. smile

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