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    Help Request: Huge Sample Packs for Tagging


    I'm hoping to get some volunteers with free time on their hand. I have created and uploaded several HUGE sample packs that I want to get approved and added to the site. One example is a collection of orchestral timpani sampled at 24 strike velocities per pitch, leading to a total of 432 individual samples. I am working on some other packs that are even larger. Although I enjoy the sampling process and making the sounds accessible to the public, the large amount of time involved in describing and tagging is something I just don't have the patience for.

    I am willing to give my password to anyone who is willing to spend the time to describe and tag my samples so they can be added to the site. If you can do this, please contact me. I am really looking forward to getting these quality packs available on FreeSound to be used.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your replies!

    -- Phill Cohen

    P.S. Check out my harpsichord pack and standup bass pack to get an idea of the quality of my samples:

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    how about having a software tool that relieves you of most of that burden?

    Thanks to the "Bulk description" feature mentioned here,

    all you need is something that helps creating the description file, avoiding the repetitive stuff.
    For instance, assuming that all the sounds of the pack you're uploading are in a certain folder:
    - it lets you specify the folder
    - it lets you specify the pack name, license, and the explicit flag value
    - it lets you specify a .txt file containing a common description for all the sounds [1]
    - it lets you specify a common set of tags for all the sounds [2] [3]
    - then it creates the description file for you.

    [1] Would you need some slight differences in the single sound descriptions? If so, which ones? (e.g. the note name, although that wouldn't really be necessary given your sample naming scheme, like Standup_Bass_Normal_F4.wav)

    [2] Would you need differences in the single sound tags? If so, which ones?

    [3] Your sample naming scheme is very convenient for adding some tags per sound, Standup_Bass_Normal_F4.wav could automatically give the tags "standup bass normal F4" and that can be done easily; would you like that?

    Would you also need to update the info on your already uploaded packs? It'd be a completely different beast, but it can be done too, thanks to the Freesound API.

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    I've written the tool described above, it works as a command line utility and it also has a GUI; I can publish it if anyone is interested.

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    Thanks @copyc4t for chiming in and for writing this tool. Using the bulk describe feature will indeed be the best option. Check the FAQ link that @copyc4t has posted.

    I think publishing the tool to help prepare CSVs/XLSs for the bulk describe would indeed be a really good idea. We could list the tool in Freesound Labs and also in the FAQ section of bulk describe.

    the freesound team
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    Thanks for your interest, Frederic, here we go:

    I wrote it according to the specs, but I'd recommend some thorough testing before making it a suggested tool.

    All feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome, of course! smile

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