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    I have a question about tagging.

    When the title of a sound is for example "Blacksmith", should I tag it as blacksmith as well?
    Same for the description, if it is "hammering on the anvil" should tag it with hammering, anvil?

    I have noticed that the search returns results from the tags, title and description.
    Is there something more to the tagging that I am missing?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there

    Although it shouldn't matter because the search will query title, description and tags, it's always a good practise to add as many relevant tags as possible. This is to help the search return the best results for the user who's looking.

    The reason why tags exist is so that people can click on the tag and then view results for that tag wether the description and/or title has that keyword in it or not.

    Hope this helps

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