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    Please could someone make a tool for helping credit users?

    I think a tool for automatically generating credits for sounds could be useful.
    Here’s how I imagine it working.

    I am working on a project. I download a lot of samples.

    Copy the list of file names of the samples I have used.

    Paste them into the “crediting tool”.

    The tool looks at each sample and generates a text file with the correct crediting for each file.
    If one user is credited for multiple files, it handles this elegantly.
    It only credits users who requested a credit per their license.
    It flags any samples which have restrictive licenses (non-commercial use etc)

    I copy the text file and use it to credit on my project.

    I think this would be very useful and would increase both the use of Freesound, and the chance of correct crediting.

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    check the tool in this thread, it might help you:

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