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    Hello Freesound!

    I have been using the platform for over 4 years. This is the most amazing and interesting project I have ever encountered. I am trying to find a job at the moment as a motion designer. I am searching for sounds that I can use to polish a showreel of my freelance work.

    If I find a job, I will post again so I can show how useful this platform is!

    If not I will continue using it, because this platform is simple, easy and well organised.

    It's a really nice place to be on the net!

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    Parts of this recording were used in an exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History museum in Washington DC. And this was recorded with the built-in mic on a boom box in the 1980ssmile

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    A couple of other stories.
    These are voicemails from my daughter in 1996 & 1998? that I saved on my work voicemail every 21 days (the max allowed) for 10 years before I finally saved them to an audio file. A band in Belgium reached out to me asking if they could use them, and they wrote a song named "Jessamine" after her. Here is a clip the band performing the song when they were on tour in China:
    Recently the band reached out to me and offered to send Jessamine a signed copy of their CD with her song on it, for her 25th birthday. I still owe them a photo of our family holding the CD. The name of the band is "If Anything Happens to the Cat".
    This is my most popular recording. It is an airplane from WW2, flying over a parade commemorating Veteran's Day. Two years later this plane crashed into the nearby Columbia river, killing the pilot that I recorded, along with his passenger.

    I am very glad that I made this recording when I did. That also reminds me that I recorded him at the same parade the following year (an even better recording) but haven't uploaded that recording yet.
    A radio producer reached out to me about this recording, and did an interview which was included in his nationwide radio show "A Moment in Time" - My coworkers thought it was hilarious that a phone interview from my cube at work made it onto a national radio show.
    This is a recording of bagpipes that I mangled in the editor. I wasn't sure how to describe it so I jokingly described it as "The love songs of jellyfish, deep in the ocean". About a year ago the BBC used it in a radio program about jellyfish smile

    I could go on and on, suffice to say that it is impossible to imagine all the ways that people use these sounds. I have also found it to be impossible to predict which sounds may become popular. Sounds that I think are really great may never get downloaded, and sounds that I think are really boring or low-quality may take off. e.g. - this is the sound of a 5 gallon bucket sliding across a cement floor, that I tweaked in the editor. 9800 downloads - our furnace. 5200 downloads - recorded with the built-in mic on a boombox in the 1980s. 4900 downloads - 4 seconds of a siren. 23000 downloads - rummaging through our recycling bin. 1900 downloads - sleigh bells twisted in the editor, one of my highest rated sounds

    I typically use the "noncommercial attribution" license so that if people want to use one of my sounds commercially, they have to ask me first. That actually happens quite often. I have yet to say "no" or ask for any compensation. So if you are hesitant to ask the creator of a sound for permission to use it, don't be shy, they will most likely say yes.