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    Two new symphonic instrument packs to check out!

    Hi, folks!

    Here are two new packs I just uploaded that would fit in well with orchestral work. The first is a multi-velocity concert bass drum (specifcally a Ludwig 40'' x 18'' suspended drum). You can get the pack here:

    The second pack is a stereo recorded Celesta; a chime-like instrument that plays bells from a keyboard, similar to a carillion. It would also make a great substitute for an electric piano due to the bell-like tone. Check it out here:

    Coming very soon: An extended version of my Standup Bass Pack, which will include more round robin samples as well as some basic bowed articulations. Also, some Tubular Bell Chimes, a full set of Timpani, an orchestral Tam-Tam Gong, and a non-symphonic instrument that I just happen to love: Celtic Uilleann Pipes.

    Thanks for your support,

    -- Phill C.

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    I am looking forward for the tubular bells smile

    I want to believe.
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    PJ's contributions are among the best.

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