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    why can't you upload 384khz sample rate sounds

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    I would guess because 384KHz is beyond unnecessary when the quality is not at all distinguishable to human ears from 96KHz.

    There is a good article about this here, which summarizes it better than I ever could:

    TheTweak wrote:
    What about the 192khz rate? Ok, let me get you to think of how audio interface manufacturers plan to get you to buy their products. One company comes out with 192 then they all feel they have to or they will lose sales. Its hype in my opinion. If you want to fill up hard drives faster, go ahead and use it. We have debated this long an hard on the forums. In the end, no one can tell the difference.

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    There is a situation when this kind of sample rate could be useful: if you are recording ultra-sounds.
    Of course, in order to listen to the ultra-sounds afterwards, you have to play the sound back slower so the ultra-sounds now fall within the audible frequency range.
    So, basically if you have such ultra-soun recordings, just re-sample the sound to a lower sample-rate and then upload to Freesound.

    I want to believe.

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