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    Creating a Horror Voice Sound Pack

    Hello everyone!

    I hope this is a good forum for this as I am not really requesting sounds, but looking to upload some of my own. I do a lot of random voice samples which have been featured in quite a few games, songs and videos for several years.

    With that being said one of my favorite genres happens to be horror, and I am always glad to contribute to any works that involve it. I already have a few cliche horror sound samples that I plan to update, but I wanted some feedback on what those within freesound might be looking for, but have a hard time finding in terms of horror vocal sounds.

    All I need from those who happen to have clicked on this forum are some possible horror vocals that you would hear in any video game, or would like to hear to help me get together the perfect horror pack that will be free to use (with credit) to anyone on freesound.

    Want to Request a sound? Do you have a project you want to work on and like my voice? I am honored to work on both paid and none paid work with credit given. ~For small requests~ Please message me here. Please clearly state the emotion you want for your request and attach all lines within the first pm. I am currently behind on requests but will try to get to everyones as quickly as I can. To cut down time do not ask me if I will do your request beforehand. Just send me one email with ALL information you can provide. Within this pm please also state if you want the sample to be published on or not if you do not provide this information I will upload the files here. ~Large projects~ For large projects or roles that may require more than a few lines please message em at my email, title the email with the name of your project so that I can keep things organized. Email: ~Proper credit~ 11linda (username on here and other websites) AmeAngelofSin youtube: Ashley Eddy (Real name).
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    Hello 11linda,

    The following list contains what I think are the most common vocals in anything scary (video games, movies, etc.):
    • Crying.
    • Fast & deep breaths.
    • Moans & groans.
    • Screams.
    • Scary laughs.
    • Scary ahhs, oohs or eehs.

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    hello linda,, thanks for your share.. i really appriciate it.

    hello from centralqq

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