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    Spectrogram Alphabet recorded and transcribed using PRAAT


    Using the PRAAT sound recording and spectrogram transcription software I recorded myself saying the English IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), with firstly individual phonemes, and secondly those phonemes embedded in the beginning, middle and end of three morphemes, in RP (received pronunciation). These sound files also come with associated PRAAT text data files and spectrogram pictures which are transcribed with IPA symbols.

    Can I upload the sound files, text files and spectrogram files to freesound?


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    Hi DmW1986,

    Looks like you're new to freesound and haven't uploaded any sounds yet.
    I suggest the you check fressound's help:

    If your sounds are legal, you're welcome to upload them to freesound, but your text files and spectrogram files can't be uploaded directly to freesound. However, you can include a link to them in the description of each sound.

    Are you experienced with working with audio files and editing them?

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