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    Tools allowing user to improve the description of the sounds

    Hi everyone,

    I d'like to talk with you about something that could really improve the quality of freesound database and takes advantage of the big community of people that we have here. For me, there is a lack of tool for describes the sounds uploaded. I mean, It could be really great to have a system that allows listeners to describe the sounds by themself since it's only possible for the moment to leave a comments and rating.

    For example, a very intersting thing should to allows the people to define if the sound is : monotonic, polyphonic, not tonal, etc and even to give the note (or the frequency?) if it is monotonic, to give the key or the chord in case it polyphonic.. etc. To give a tempo if it is rythmic.

    In fact, there is a pretty intersting book about this (that surely a lot of people know here) "Le Traité des Objets musicaux" by Pierre Schaeffer but it goes too far a website and it is not user friendly.

    What do you think about that ?

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    Hi LeBelgeElectrod,

    We've been having similar ideas for quite a long time now, and we are in fact working on something very similar to what you propose which will allow people to provide annotations for sounds in Freesound. We'll announce it when ready, probably in the coming months.

    Thanks for the comment smile

    the freesound team

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