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    Special sample request from Bram

    Dear Freesounders,

    I'm posting this to draw your attention to the special sample request that Bram posted in the forums and which we (the Freesound dev team and moderators) don't want to go unnoticed.
    We'd like to ask for your participation, especially the participation of those of you who have been Freesound users for a long time, but also of the newer members of the community.

    For those of you who don't know Bram, he started Freesound with Xavier Serra back in 2005 at the MTG-UPF. He did most of Freesound development during the first years and is still a very active participant in the project. But perhaps even more importantly, he has been (and still is) supporting and building the Freesound community during all these years, and greatly contributed in making Freesound what it is today. However unfortunate the circumstances are, let me take this opportunity to thank you Bram for the incredible efforts and energy that you put in Freesound!

    the freesound team
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