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    So which one of you would like to practice doing Sound FX?

    My hobby team just finished putting together a short 2 minute (actually less than 2 minute) animated test/short film.

    We were in Audio/Foley but some tragedy befell our Sound FX guy and he's no longer available.

    This particular project is strictly a self-taught learning exercise, so it's not like we're looking for a Sound FX god or something. This is perfect if any of you guys do this for fun or want a project to experiment upon.

    It's basically something like "2001 Space Odyssey goes into the Evil Fun House in Space". smile

    There won't be any music so the Sound FX/Foley/Helmet Breathing noises/Space noises.... Those will take centerstage.

    So if any of you are interested, just PM me here or email me at

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