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    turns out the sounds on here are not free, so it should not say they are ,yes people put in hard work recording sounds I know, but if you spend a year making a movie ,only to find the thunderstorm you used gets monitised on your movie its not a good idea , so the only way to avoid this is to make your own sounds, I will not be using any of the sounds ive downloaded from here

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    Then why are you here?

    Mudkipz rule!
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    This is a very confusing post. Which thunderstorm sound did you use?

    The sounds on this site are entirely free financially, but some carry specific licenses that ask you to do certain things.

    Take a look here for the 3 licenses that this site uses, which any user is able to assign to any sound they upload:

    If the thunderstorm sound you used has an attribution non-commercial license, then you aren't allowed to use that sound to make profit (although, to be honest, I don't think many people follow up on that, and it is tricky to track), and it is then possible, albeit unlikely, that the user made a claim somewhere and somehow.

    If it has any of the other licenses, then you are free to make profit off of it. So if the sound in question has one of these other two licenses, then it is not an issue to do with this site, but an issues to do with some other 3rd party entirely that has fraudulently claimed rights to your work that used the sound.

    (I'm no lawyer, so don't take any of this as 100% legal fact).

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    I think someone needs to read and understand the licenses before dishing out mud at Freesound and its users.
    I am sure he/she can understand them, if he/she bothers to read. From the post, this user's English is certainly good enough. Unless it only works for insults and derrogatory comments...

    I want to believe.

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