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    [Game Dev] Looking For SFX Designer

    [Intro/About Me]
    First, id like to apologize if this is posted in the wrong section of the forums, or if this forum does not have a section for unpaid collab requests, however, if I am in the right place:

    Im looking for a skilled sound designer (someone who can create and edit sound effects), whod like to collab on a few small projects with me and my team.

    Im an 18 year old game developer from Canada, freelance programmer, "programming teacher" and am part of several teams/projects assisting with the technical/logical side for friends, as well as manage my own teams.

    You can check out my website, mostly consisting of work from last year on my site:

    [My Current Projects]
    2D Fantasy top-down:
    - This is a point-n-click style game in which you control multiple characters to defeat enemies in a small arena/map.
    - Most SFX on this project are weapons such as swords clashing, character-based such as spells casting, humanoid such as being cut/stabbed, and environment such as collecting money.

    3D "airship" FPS tower defense:
    - Iv been told by some friends this game gives off a very strong "airship" vibe. You control 3 turrets in an attempt to defend your tower/base from being destroyed by enemies attacking at all angles.
    - Most SFX on this project are weapons such as each turret shooting, and environment such as explosions.

    3D TPS progression maintenance:
    - This is a goal-driven game, the player has to attempt to burn, and keep the entire city lit on fire before police or fire fighters and other law enforcement are able to stop them and their buddies.
    - Most SFX on this project are weapons such as a gun shooting, environment such as climbing a ladder, and humanoid such as walking.

    - Email me your portfolio, website, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook page, or at least 3 examples of your sound effects, before adding me on Skype
    - Communicate through Skype
    - Have a working microphone
    - Clear spoken and written literature (I should be able to actually understand what your saying to me, in English, typed and/or spoken)
    - This is remote. (so completely done through Skype and Google Drive for file sharing)
    - Be open to change (I may ask you to create a few versions of a sound, or change/re-create a sound if it doesnt end up working well in the game)
    - Have access to software such as FL Studio 10 or later, and Audacity (if you have access to a studio, that is a bonus, but not absolutely required)
    - Create all audio in Stereo, 2 channels WAV or MP3 (Mp3 is preferred)
    - You are welcome to do live recording for any sound effects, but is not required, so long as what you create, you actually create/own
    - Be ready to create anywhere between ~30 to ~200 sounds effects...
    - All documentation, assets/files/resources, and the actual game/project files will be provided to you
    - Any and all audio you create for any of these 3 projects, you are welcome to reuse/post - in other words, what you create for any of these projects are NOT restricted to only these projects.
    - Full credit and a complete copy of the work will be provided once the game is done, and I may possibly ask you to help with future project as well, if we end up working well together.

    If you are interested in possibly collaborating with me and working on any of these projects, feel free to add me to Skype. If you have any questions on anything, or would like to ask me something, feel free to email me.

    Skype: Dibbie1337
    *If you contact me on here, I may not end up getting it, as I dont check this forum too much. Email is better or leaving a comment should send me a email notification happy

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    I'm just getting into making SXF as a hobby. but maybe this is something I could help with.

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