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    how do i make a sound?

    I want to make a sound and upload it :3

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    Ok not sure if serious, but here goes:

    First of all you need to create a sound, there are a number of ways of doing this.

    To get a sound file, you should:

    1. Record a sound with an audio capture device to digital medium (not tape) using a microphone.

    2. Synthesise a sound by using a virtual instrument or a hardware synthesiser

    3. Use algorithms to generate a sound which can then be processed into a data package.

    There are a number of supported file-types on Freesound: wav, flac, mp3 & ogg. Your file will have the extension on the end of the name e.g. "my sound.wav". Depending on your capture method, you may have a different format of sound file, but they can only be types above.

    To upload your sound once you have the file on your computer:

    1: Navigate to the Freesound website

    2: Click on the yellow "upload sounds" button located in the top right hand corner at all times

    3: When you get to the next page, click the "upload" button again, and then choose your file from your computer when the box appears. Then use your initiative and follow the steps.

    Please make sure you read all the guidance notes on the upload page about uploading.

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    Analog Box 2. It's free. Takes a few hours to learn how to use it, but the possibilities are endless.

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