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    I am singer and producer, looking for people to work with.

    Hello I am Gema.
    I am a singer and producer from Spain.
    I am looking for the most crazy and funny
    people around the world to work with.
    The idea is to create some songs and then see how
    it works.

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    Gema, hello!

    I like to put some comedy songs in my podcasts. I'll point you to some examples:

    Info about the show is found here:

    I would like to make some more silly songs for future episodes of the show. Maybe there is a way we could do something together. Feel free to contact me directly at You could maybe give me an idea of what kinds of projects sound fun and send some samples of your work.


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    Hi, i'm interested in hearing how you sing and i'd love to collaborate.

    Please send me an email or facebook.


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