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    Looking for music and sound from1850s?

    I'm new to Can anyone point me towards some sounds or samples I can use for an audio short story that takes place in Brooklyn in the 1850s? Recording, video, and production is all done. All I need is sound.

    This is the story:

    This is one I did weeks ago. But there is no sound other than narration, and I used a single photo. For my story/film above I recorded video footage that I processed with Photoshop.


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    Hopefull will answer all your questions. If not, please ask them in great detail. smile

    EDIT: Whoops, my answer seems to be completely unfitting, I must have had a freudian slip in my reading pipeline. Too many license-related issues lately. smile

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    Victorian street ? ...

    1850 saloon music is available from commercial sound libraries, e.g. ...
    but costs an arm and a leg.

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    Since no recording devices were used that could really supply actual sound from the 1850's for your project, you probably are looking for a modern performance of music that might have been played at that time, and in a similar performance style. I think you'll find more resources for that by looking for civil-war era music (if the context is the USA). Folk music is also pretty well researched -- take for example which is a wonderful collection of folk tunes, some of which stretch way back in time, based on research done by the sibling's mother, IIRC (I haven't heard that CD set in many years, but it was a fave to borrow from the library when my son was very young). When you listen to those, you realize that music sensibilities change with cultural influences, and some of the older tunes do things that you just don't expect, or never hear in modern music. Dunno if any of that helps, but it's just what this thread made me think of.

    -- Keith W. Blackwell

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