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    I've got hundreds of wav files to share but don't want to clog up the search results

    Is there any way to upload a zip file of a bunch of sounds at once? Or is there a freeware tool out there to join a bunch of wav files together automatically? (maybe with some amount of padding like 0.1 seconds of silence between sounds) I make a bunch of different noises with a modular synth (digital not analog) and the original recording is like 10-20 minutes long, but I kind of farm for/pick out the best sounds out of that, and I don't expect somebody to do the work of searching through the original recording. But I can make a pretty big contribution if I could figure out some sane way of uploading so many sounds. I just don't think it would be fair for people to have to sift through hundreds of wavs of my stuff to get to other people's sounds

    in other words can I just make a pack of sounds show up as one zip file in the search results

    anyway I'll be doing a lot of this in the future because I need raw material for my tracks

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    The uploader is capable of uploading lots of files at once, not in a zip, but uploading a lot of files at once isn't a big problem. The search function is also capable of dealing with a lot of sounds if they are in packs. In the search it will show one sound from the pack and then note below "+ xx more results in the same pack".
    The main thing is to create good descriptions and tags that are relevant and accurate. If you are uploading a lot you will be tempted to copy/paste the same thing over and over, but that might not be as helpful to people searching and finding your sounds. Sounds with better descriptions (for example the synth used) tend to be downloaded more I think.

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    The individual sounds are pretty short, so I decided to merge them into one file so people don't have to press the play button a million times, and I assume they'll find a few sounds in there that they like that they can cut up in Audacity or something

    the sound is uploaded and being moderated now, more to come later

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    Actually I think it's more useful to have your sounds pre-chopped.

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    Hello Ragnar59

    First of all, thank you for contributing sounds to Freesound!

    I love modular synts and would really love to be able to build one - but they are quite expensive and take up some space too. I end up doing most of my sound missadventures inside my computer (and as far as crazzy and experimental sounds go, I am doing alright nonetheless, I think).

    By the way, I am listening to one of your sounds as I write this and it is absolutely great!
    So many great useable noises!

    As Corsica pointed out, it is important to tag and describe. You can't have too many (relevant) tags!

    There are no hard rules. Provided the sound has at least a basic description and 3 or more tagss, should be accepted by moderators. But the better the description and more (relevant) tags, the more likely it is to be found by people searching (and downloaded).
    Basically good tags and descriptions make the sounds more useful smile

    Some people find tags or descriptions containg the equipment used particularly usefull. Others just want to know how it sounds like. Ideally, include both types of tags.

    As for uploading many small sounds or a few big ones, it is up to you.

    stomachache wrote:
    Actually I think it's more useful to have your sounds pre-chopped.

    I don't necessarily agree: If you download a 5 min file containing loads of synth bleeps you can listen to them all in sequence and quickly isolalte and cut out using a sound editor the ones you are interested for your production.
    The problem, and where stomachache has a good point is that what works for me does not necessarily work for everyone else. While me or other users who regularly make music using computer will extract the sounds they want from a large file in seconds and without thinking about it... Users who are less experienced in sound editing/music may just want a couple of sound effects for a mock video or a school project and want their sounds "ready to use"

    As with many things... You can't please everyone smile

    I tend to group sounds in packs and a usually chop them up. I do use copy paste for the general description (eg. "synth sounds from an experimental setup with plugin XXX and effects YYY and ZZZ including a feedback loop, 10-Apr-2013" and then add specific tags or description "For this sound the feedback volume was set to maximum, you can hear the feedback overcomming everything. I cut out the last portion of the sound where it began to clip.")

    If you are willing to group up sounds you have already cut into a large sound file because it is less trouble for you to upload and might be easier for users, why not try grouping similar sounds. For example, all the bleeps from one recorsing session together into one big file, all the filtered white noise sounds into another, etc.

    I want to believe.

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