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    An immense thank you re Dare4mix2.wav

    Last Thursday I used this sound file for some workshops on understanding people with autism for my colleagues in a sixth form college.

    After playing the sound, I asked them what they heard and everyone started talking about the background noises. Then I asked "so what was the lesson about?"

    I have had dozens of colleagues emailing me and approaching me in the corridors saying how good the session was, how much they learnt and in particular how thought provoking the sound was.

    Your sound has had a very powerful effect on 80 teachers this week. They will spread their understanding to more colleagues, to students and over the course of their careers it will impact on the lives of hundreds of people.

    My sister and my son have autism. I can't thank you enough.

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    It's likely the creator of the sound will miss this message.
    I think you should tell them directly as a comment on the sound and also click to rate the sound (stars, top right above the sound)


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