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    Appropriateness question

    Would it be inappropriate if I uploaded a small series of vocal recording of me screaming "Fuck you."?
    Would anyone feel offended?

    It not directed at anyone, just those two words repeated in different versions.

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    Thank you for asking the question. That was very considerate of you.

    I am not aware of Moderators ever rejecting a sound based on contents or quality - we reject only if there is a clear or strongly suspected copyright infringement.
    Of course, Freesound reserves the right to reject (or later remove) contents that is otherwise illegal or can be seen as offensive or innapropriate.

    But to be clear: we allow and welcome free speech. So your proposed sounds should be OK.

    To give yourself peace of mind, why not add a 'disclaimer' on the sound description. Somethign along the lines of "Warning: contains swearing. Intended for use in an artistic context and not as abuse directed at Freesound or any of its users."

    Also make sure you tagh adequately "abuse swear swearing bad-language", so people that find ths sound is because they are specifically looking for this kind of stuff.

    I want to believe.

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