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    are all samples on here royalty free

    hello im a music producer and im looking for royalty free samples. are all these samples on here royalty free. am i free to use any of these samples in my own recordings including commercial releases and speed them up and slow them, add effects to them etc... i was lead to this site by another said that said it offered royalty free samples ?

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    The very short answer is yes, you don't have to pay any royalties*.
    there are three basic licenses for the sounds on Freesound. You can see which one applies to a sound: when you click on the sound just below the "download" button will the license text.
    So, the three possibilities are:
    1. Creative Commons Zero means you don't have to give any credit and you can do anything you wish with the sound.
    2. Creative Commons Attribution means you have to give credit/attribution and you can do anything you wish with the sound, as long as you do give proper credit.
    3. Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial means you must give credit/attribution and you can do almost anything you wish as long as the project isn't commercial, for example taking the sample and selling it as part of a sample collection or using a pouring sound for a beer commercial.

    *As far as royalties, you mainly need to attribute correctly. But in an instance where you cannot do so, it is best to contact the creator of the sound(s) you wish to use and work something out.

    Here is the page that will answer this question in a similar way and provide links to the legal texts if you want to read them:

    So, if you don't wish to think about royalties or attribution then limit your search to CC Zero sounds only. If you are able to attribute, then that opens up more options.

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