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    Uploading Sound Effect Mixes

    Hey, is there a good place to upload sounds once mixed/edited from here? I don't do any songs or compositions, I generally just take sounds, alter them and mix them with other sounds. Ie, I recently recorded myself saying a quote then placed that over a couple other sounds I got from this site, altered those then exported the final product to my of like 10 seconds or so. Would like a good place to upload for the intended individuals and other to use as they like. At this point in my career, I'm not looking for money or anything, simply learning!! grin Thanks!


    Oh, and I only say it like that because, as I take it, this site is only for raw sound files (and edited/altered versions of said files), not various files mixed my perception wrong? Would it be okay to upload what I described here?

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    oh yeah. do it. mix, remix and post again. just be sure to let us know which sounds.

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    ...and the featured way to let everyone know, other than mentioning the sources in the description, is to use the sound source feature.

    After you've uploaded your sound, click on "Edit sound information"; on that page, click on "Edit sound sources". There you can add references to all the sounds you used.

    Done that, your sound will have a blue forked arrow icon saying it's a remix, and clicking on that will show a page like this:


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