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    What is the best FREE sound recorder software for singing?

    Know where to download a free sound recording software for Window 7 that has good audio quality for singing? I don't have those microphone and I can't buy them. I tried the normal sound recorder but when I try to sing and play it, it hurts my ears. It too bad quality for singing.

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    Your best bet on the software side is probably Audacity ( )
    The installers for Windows are here:

    But don't expect miracles from software alone. If you tried recording via the built-in mic on a laptop, then even a very cheap (~5$) desktop microphone can be perceivably better, but it's still way far from production quality.

    If you have a recent smartphone, try recording on that; I've heard a few recorded singings on them that didn't hurt my ears. Still not a pro mic, but if you have it already, it's zero-cost.

    After that, the next 2 things you can do to improve quality (again without miracles) is using a pop shield (you can make one yourself practically for free) and apply proper equalization in Audacity or other mixing software; VERY shortly and roughly (professionals forgive me! O:^) )
    Muffled muddy sound? Cut the low freqs a bit, boost the rest.
    Boxy, radio-like sound? Cut the mid freqs a bit, boost the rest.
    Tinny sound? Cut the high freqs a bit, boost the rest.

    Should you ever be able to grab a decent/good microphone, judge by your ears; way too many people are being let down after spending what they thought would be enough (speaking of the 50-100$ range, not pro but not entry level).

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