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    Please join IFTTT as a channel

    IFTTT is a really smart automation system for most of the social medias. I definitely think that Freesound could totally benefit from becoming a channel in this site. It works like this:

    Now how would this affect freesound?

    You could have a trigger that is activated whenever:

    * you upload a public domain sound, and post it to facebook.
    * Someone downloads, comments or rates your sound, send the user a thanks message.
    * Someone remixes your sound, post the remix on tumblr.
    * Someone quotes you in the freesound forum, send an SMS to your phone.
    * ...

    The list goes on and on and on.

    If there is anything freesound should do during 2013 is to engage IFTTT. It helps you as a sound designer to spread info on your work around without doing a single bit.

    Best regards Johan Brodd
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    Hello, thanks for sharing this.

    Although at Freesound we are inclined to sway towards a non-social-media type of service, this is however, interesting and perhaps extremely practical. Freesound has stayed relatively contained over the past years, maybe its time to expand a little to a service just that bit more significant.

    I've forwarded this idea to the tech team.

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