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    Sounds from Bali

    Hello Freesound Community,

    My name is Brandon and I am going to be living in Bali for one academic school year. I was wondering if anyone had any requests that I could probably hunt for. For the next few days I won't be in Bali but in Jakarta... but after that I'll be moving to Denpasar to be close to the ISI university.

    I'm not sure about specific location sounds because I'm planning on studying music and dance here in Denpasar and then maybe near the Ubud area as well as Batuan but I'm glad to go a bit out of my way to record some sounds. Some sounds I will not record are the priests and their mantras or inner temple performances. Everything else is fine.

    Thus far I have still yet to upload:
    - children barong samples during Galungan to Kuningan
    - sample sound of a kite in Bali
    - local futbol match and a medium sized crowd
    - traffic
    - village markets (with lots of tourists)

    But I'm sure I'm missing many other ideas of what to record. So if you have any requests, I'll gladly see what I can do!


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    Hello Brandon

    I think musical performances (especially by street artists) would be interesting. Not sure if you will find many of those, but I am imagining that if you are studying music you will be exposed to a fair amount of ... erm... music. I think local music would be interesting.
    Please note that Freesound does not accept 'music' not all music sounds are equal. Street recordings and such, music practice or jamming sessions and the like are gratefully accepted. What we do not want is 'produced music' i.e., we do not want people to make some music in their DAW and upload that.
    Also, please be carefull not to record copyrighted stuff - for example, a recording of a paid for concert by a touring band would not be acceptable.
    always seek permission from the people you are recording and note that in the sample descriptions so moderators will have an easier time approving your sounds.

    Other sounds that might be of interest (at least to some) would be recordings of local birds.

    I guess Indonesia being a set of islands you may also have the chance to record boats of various types. Some of these may be fairly typical of the region (?)
    Same with land transport. There will probably be a higher number of motorbikes and bikes than on European or USA roads. Make sure you note that on the sample descriptions too (what kind of vehicles were you recording).
    You might come upon a few old or interesting trucks, motorbikes or even converted vehicles...

    Happy sound hunting !

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