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    Thanks for the hard work Anti-Spam Squad

    I just wanted to express my appreciation to the Freesound team for clearing up the recent spam attack. I've no doubt it was a lot of hard work and frustration, and no doubt there's still a lot more to do turning tempory measures into a fine tuned self defence system.

    Wish I had the skills to help, but alas, the last time I messed with the brains of a computer it was in CPM, ohh.., and a little BASIC.

    Anyway, you are really deserving of thanks Guys and Gals!


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    The place is really neat again. A big thank you, to those responsible smile

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    Add my thanks and appreciation.

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    May I add my thank you as well.

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    We're still working on some measures, as you see we just stopped newly registered users from spamming. I think in a week time we will suddenly see the spam attack restart again! But we got some really good hints on the blog and have a few more ideas smile

    - bram

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    Thank you guys

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    I can't imagine how much work would have been involved in ditching the spammers and then ditching their spams!

    Great work!

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    Thank you guys!!!!!!!
    Pfeew spam gone, you saved me half an hour today......

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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