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    FTP upload?

    Hi all, I freaking love this site, Bram this is one of the most amazing things on the internet. Simply amazing!

    After being a troll for a while, I'd really like to contribute my own sounds to the site. I can see how to use the applet/flash(?) uploader, but I am very interested in using some kind of FTP upload. I've got a lot of samples I'd love to share, but it seems like it would take a really long time through a browser interface.

    I've tried using Cyberduck to connect via FTP (port 21) with my freesound username and password, but I keep getting errors. I also tried FTP in the Mac finder, got the same results. I've been trying to find a tutorial or details about using FTP with freesound, but I can't seem to find it. Maybe I'm just being dumb! If that exists, could somebody point me to it?

    Anyway, thanks to all of you for sharing all these amazing sounds, I can't wait to share some of my own with you.


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    From what I understand FTP doesn't work any more. You can still upload as many samples as you want at once.
    As someone who has uploaded a lot of files myself, the uploading part is great, but the description and tagging is considerably slower if you upload more than a few samples at a time. I understand that though, probably 95% of uploaders only do one sample at a time.

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    Corsica is right... FTP was the old freesound, but you can still upload many samples in one go...

    Corsica, perhaps you can send me mail saying what you think could be better in fs right now, that'd be cool! We really want feedback from the core freesounders...!

    - bram

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    Regarding the descriptions, would I be able to get a special exception in certain circumstances and have a mod help out, in the assumption it might be easier "behind the scenes"? I might have a lot of sounds on the way, and, dangnabbit, out of the whole recording project, the tagging is what I am dreading.

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