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    Good sound for Intro

    Alright i'm new to the site and i was looking for a sound that could be used on my intro video that i'm creating that will in the future be at the beginning of every Youtube video i upload. I found a sound i liked on another website but i had to pay. So i came here looking for something similar. If you don't know what i mean by an intro sound then you can search "Jordan Tower Films" on Youtube to get an idea. I'm not really looking for something like that but i obviously need a sound for it. If you have any recommendations anything would help. Thanks.

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    wow. that's.... not very specific.

    someone has suggested that my sound might be good as an intro.

    There are LOTS of sounds here. dig around. You'll probably find something you like. If nothing else, use the random sound search. I find all kinds of interesting sounds that way.

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