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    Looking for music to promote on new website -

    Hi, I'm looking for music to promote on - currently, we're only offering the Creative Commons Wired CD as we're still in beta and still figuring out some of the features.

    Your music doesn't have to be under the CC sampling licenses, any CC license is fine..

    If you'd like to be included, please drop me email or reply to this. I'll keep checking in.

    If you could include artist name, track name, album (if available) and a URL that will link to the mp3 file in question and the Creative Commons license, I'll add you ASAP.

    (if anyone is able to make this post sticky, that'd be really good)


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    Hi there,
    you can have this if you want:

    or these:

    Soon i will post something new, with more Samples wink included

    By the way: I've read something about, that members should post their tracks, with the samples from here. Where exactly want you to post us them?


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    i have 33 releases on mp3death, all covered by the creative commons license ... it's mostly chip/scene/techno shit outta left field :twisted:

    also all releases are encoded at lobit rates and distributed in .zip cool

    just click my sig ... link to the cc license is right at the top ...

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