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    I've started to use the tag homeland-security for field recordings of the sounds of the post-September 11th world. Commands and beeps at security checkpoints, public address requests for vigilance, security chatter, and so on have become a routine part of the background of daily life in much of the US, Europe, and elsewhere. As our fears change (or, hopefully, diminish), so too will the sounds, and they will be lost if we fail to document them. I hope others will contribute to a growing catalog of samples appropriate for this tag.

    (I've started with just one, captured at an airport checkpoint, but hope to add more soon).


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    Excellent idea MAB!

    Life is probably good
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    And used many, many different sounds over and over and over .Very much in fact, can be a lot of people recognize the sound in question. It's not that sound similar. It is that voice is exactly the same.

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