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    Dare 49 - Drums loops anyone?

    I wasn't going to do this because it would be predictable. But I changed my mind after listening to the sounds that were submitted for dare 48 and decided to do this anyway - because it would be unfair not to!

    If you are inspired by the drum kits created for dare 48. (here is the link to it)
    Then your challenge is to create at least 5 different loops (any style, any tempo) using any of the drum kits.
    You can only use the sounds from one drum kit (no other sounds allowed). A bit of processing is OK, but not to the point of destroying the original sounds.
    Put your loops into 1 pack, use the tags "Loop" and "DAre-49" and please also tag with tempo and signature (especially if different from 4/4).

    If you want to use more than one kit. That is fine, but put the loops into different packs and don't mix kits in the same loop.

    Here's an interesting idea, if anyone wants to try it: Why not program your loops and then see how they sound with each of the kits?

    If for whatever reason you feel so inspired that you cannot stop at loops and feel the need to build a whole track with instruments, etc... we would love to hear it! However, please remember music is not allowed in Freesound so upload somewhere else (Soundcloud, CCMixter, Bandcamp, Internet Archive,...) and just post the link on this thread.

    Deadline is 31 July.

    I want to believe.

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