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    Audio/Foley for 2 Minute Animated Sci-Fi Short Film


    Not sure if this counts as a dare, but we recently completed a 2 minute short film. Well, actually it's more like a technical test than a short film.

    It's basically this short reel that looks something like 2001 crossed with a video game.
    There's no music in this one, so it's all Audio and Foley that will carry the sound on this short.

    Right now we're doing this purely for studying purposes so if anyone wants to use this for practice/learning. That's exactly what I'm looking for. smile

    At less than 2 minutes running time, I think this is quite manageable. smile
    If anyone of you is interested, please email me at

    Some of you might have seen another short film we worked on a few years ago:

    Thanks to all and cheers!

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