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    Dare 42 - Sound design dare - create a puch from layering other sounds

    Hello Freesounders

    User Adam_N is working on a particular sound design. He thought it would make an intereting dare, so here it is:

    Create a punch sound by layering various different sounds.
    You can use sounds from Freesound or sounds that you have created yourself.
    If you use sounds from Freesound you have to include links to the original files.

    You make your submission by uploading the sound to Freesound and posting on this thread to let others know about it.
    Please use the tags "Dare-42", "punch" and "layers". You can use additional tags, if you want.
    The format of the sound should be a sequence of sounds, starting with your composit punch sound, each of the sounds you have used and finishing with your composite sound again.

    Here is an example provided by Adam_N:

    There is no deadline for this dare.

    I want to believe.

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