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    Dare 20 - Celebrating Freesound's 8th Birthday

    Hello dear Freesounders,

    Yes, it is true: In case anyone missed it - Freesound completed 8 years on the 5th April.
    You can read about it here:
    Another dare was taking place, so when I found outr about this was too late to do something in April...

    There was a post on the Freesound blog asking users to tell us what are the coolest sounds on Freesound:
    And here is what many of you have been saying about it:

    So... back to the dare...
    I have noticed that the number of submitted pieces has become very low. I was even considering stopping the dares altogether. But, I thought Freesound's 8th birthday should not go un-marked by a dare.
    I have noticed that when the recent dares asked for sound submissions, we have been overloaded with high quality material submitted by users - even if that is not followed through by large numbers of pieces.
    So it seems the communitiy is more interested at the moment in 'sounds' rather than 'music'.

    So here is how this dare works:

    Add to the thread with your favorite sounds at Freesound:
    You can add as many sounds as you like.

    Take sounds that have been submitted on that thread by others and which are not your own samples.
    Create something with those sounds and then submit as your entry to Dare 20 by posting a link on this thread.
    We accept two types of entries: pieces and samples.

    Pieces (one entry alloweed per participant)
    You can create a musical piece. In that case, the piece needs to be hosted at Soundcloud.
    You can create a piece which is a sound collage, soundscape, soundscene, etc - If not musical in nature, that can be uploaded to Freesound. Sample must be tagged with "dare-20". Post on this thread with a link to the sample - might even get moderated faster smile

    Each participant is allowed to enter with as many samples as they like. All must be tagged with "Dare-20" and must be a transformed version of one of the coolest sounds at Freesound.

    The rules are very simple:
    1) You must attribute any samples you use (even if the license is CC0)
    2) For Sample entries you must explain how you transformed the sound(s).
    3) Your sound must have a license that is consistent with the original sounds licenses (see more on this below) - I am doing this to raise awareness of the different licenses and so that people think about what should happen if they use several samples in their work which have different licenses.
    4) deadline: 31st May, 23:00 GMT

    Note about sound licenses
    All sounds at Freesound are released under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. On each sound you will find the license that applies to that sound (under the Download button). The link there will take you to a full explanation of the license.
    Here are some very quick explanations.
    Since Freesound has upgraded to version 2.0, there are only 3 licenses at Freesound:
    CC0 - The person downloading the sound is free to do whatever they want with it.
    CC Attribution - The person downloading the sound can use it for whatever purpose, BUT must list the creator and source of this sound in the credits in their work. For Example "This music uses the following sounds from Freesound: Sample A by UserAlpha and Sample B by UserBeta."
    CC Attribution Non-commercial - The person downloading this sample cannot use it for commercial purposes (meaning uses that will generate revenue, such as a commercial music or movie). The user must also give attribution (see example above)

    Some older sounds from Freesound 1.0 have different CC licenses. The link on those sounds will also take you to an explanation of the license.

    If you post your entry at Freesound, you must use the same license as the sounds used to create it.
    If you use a CC Attribution sound, you must make the license of your sound also CC Attribution.
    If you use 2 sounds, one is CC0 and the other is CC Attribution Non-Commercial (CCAN-C, you must apply the most restrictive license from the sounds used (CCAN-C).
    If you use samples with some of the older licenses and are not sure what to do, ask for help here:

    I want to believe.
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    2005 sounds
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    No entries? Not a single one?

    Not even a post sad

    OK. Time to take the hint and close the Dares...

    I want to believe.
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    AlienXXX wrote:
    No entries? Not a single one?

    Not even a post sad

    OK. Time to take the hint and close the Dares...

    Everybody's on a vacation. tongue

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