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    airbenderbbx wrote:
    Okay great. Well I have one beatbox submission! I can probably upload some more by tomorrow since the deadline is extended ^_^

    Yessum, the deadline is extended. You have about 24 more hours to get your entry in!

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    Timbre wrote:
    I suppose this is considered cheating :¬) ...

    Not so much cheating except there'd be some massive copyright infringement if we were to extract sounds from the incredibox (I came across it through
    Nonetheless, that is one wicked app!

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    Here are my contributions:

    And everyone who uploads sounds, please post here to let me know you have uploaded so I can find the sounds in the queue and moderate them. - if the queue is very long that will be the only way to assure these sounds are available in time for the composition stage. Although at the moment the queue is nearly empty.

    I want to believe.
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    I just uploaded more sounds (although as of now they are still waiting for moderation). It was kind of tough deciding what was considered a "hit sound" and what was considered a "creative sound" but I did my best. Also sorry about the background sound in some of these clips, my computer fan is pretty loud :/ Here's the link to the pack.

    Here's whats in it:
    9 hit sounds
    9 creative sounds
    13 loops

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    Here's mine:

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    Yay for the deadline being extended! Only caught that this morning (yay!)

    Just added another 41 sounds to my pack....

    New sounds to the pack also have the tag "bfj2" to differentiate them from the older ones


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    I've uploaded a pack with 44 sounds here:

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    This marks the close of the dare -- no more submissions for the dare, please! (You can still submit your sounds to the database; please do not tag them dare-19 however)!

    The final entries are thus.
    [Name (# of sounds) - pack/sound link]

    1. Snapper4298 (59) - Pack
    2a. AlienXXX (50) - Pack
    2b. AlienXXX (20) - Pack
    2c. AlienXXX (12) - Pack
    2d. AlienXXX (11) - Pack
    3. airbenderbbx (31) - Pack
    4. qubodup (1) - Sound
    5. ondrosik (41) - Pack
    6. bigfriendlyjiant (56) - Pack
    6. bigfriendlyjiant (38 ) - Pack 2 - This pack contains 3 sounds which seem to be added by mistake (recordings of a lake, some wind etc), so I took the count down from 41 to 38.
    7. unfa (221) - Pack
    8. Nmb910 (1) - Sound
    9. Kyster (44) - Pack

    Seems like I will have to sit out. I really, really wanted to beatbox, but my own deadline caught me. That's as pathetic as it gets, folks, but life can make your... life... pathetic.

    ANYHOW! The composition stage will be up in a couple minutes. Will post the link here as soon as I am done!

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    I got my first chance to listen to all the samples yesterday. Man, you guys have done an awesome, awesome job! Thank you so much for your contributions. I'll start assigning points soon; stay tuned. (I hope you have all visited the composition phase thread for this dare. If not, you had better get started! - )

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    Almost everyone had 15+ samples put together neatly in a pack, so most of the participants automatically received 19 points. The decider, then, would be how many uploaded different varieties. For 1 variety, you got one extra point, for 2 varieties, you got 2 extra points, and for 3 varieties, you got 3 extra points. Here are the final totals in no particular order:

    1. Snapper4298 (59) - 22 points (it was hard to find one that I could call creative, but I think I can consider two of them to be creative: the zap and the clow).

    2. AlienXXX (93) - 22 points.

    3. airbenderbbx (31) - 22 points

    4. qubodup (1) - 2 points (1 for the sound and 1 for variety)

    5. ondrosik (41) - 22 points

    6. bigfriendlyjiant (56) - 22 points

    7. unfa (221) - 22 points

    8. Nmb910 (1) - 2 points (1 for sound and 1 for variety)

    9. Kyster (44) - 20 points (I did not find any loops or creative sounds!)

    As I mentioned, there wasn't supposed to be a winner for this dare, but looking at the submissions there's one thing I must say: I am really once again happy that those who did submit did a fabulous job. The number of entries and the varieties were far, far more than I could have imagined.

    Before I began the dare, I mentioned to AlienXXX that part of the reason I was running this dare was to specifically increase the total beatbox sounds on freesound. By the end of the warmup stage, we were 500+ samples richer, so a big big thank you and kudos to everyone who participated.

    As is the norm with dares, I will give out a few awards here:

    Spirit of the dare award: Nmb910 and qubodup. It does not matter that you do not follow the rules. Here on freesound, when you are a darer, the only thing that matters during the submission dare is that you submit. So thank you both!

    Dayum son award: With 221 entries from unfa, I was simply blown away. That someone has the patience to record, organize, upload and describe all the sounds spelled out d-i-l-i-g-e-n-c-e to me. Amazing job, son. You deserve this.

    Sound over noise award: airbenderbbx. Despite the noisiness in the sounds, I was just smiling and feeling pleasantly surprised with every other sample of yours that I heard. Those were some sounds in which I really did not mind the background noise. Hats off to you!

    This marks the complete close of the warmup stage of the dare. Once again, thank you all for participating in this dare, and we will be up with a much simpler dare very soon. Also remember that the composition phase for this particular dare is perpetually open.

    Until next time, cheers!