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    Sharing your Dares and dares

    Hey Everyone!

    I know its been a bit slow around these parts recently (including activity from myself) but don't forget to share your Dares, dares, and Contiunuums in the soundcloud group:

    It will be good to make sure it remains an "active group" so that it will show up in searches on soundcloud. That way, hopefully, more people will find out about and join/contribute to Freesound!

    sounds. good. -Joanna Geralyn
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    Hi everyone

    This month we are only running a mini-dare (continuum-4). The entries for this one are not full music pieces but loops. I have requested that these are uploaded into Freesound.
    However, there is no reason why you shouldn't upload them to Soundcloud too, especially if you have an account there already and especially if it helps to keep the group active, as Jgeralyn pointed out.


    I want to believe.
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    The entries for this one are not full music pieces.. smile

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