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    Dare 13 - Celebrating SuperUsers (double dare) - VOTING

    Dear All,

    Voting is now open for dare 13.
    All participants in the dare must vote (or be disqualified). Non-participants can vote if they have uploaded more than 5 samples or have been more than 5 posts in the forums.

    There are two categories (drums and 'no-drums'), so you need to submit 2 voting lists.
    For each category, list the entries from top to bottom. First entry gets 5 points, second 4 points, and so on...

    Voting closes 5th Jun around 11pm GMT.
    EDIT: I am away on travel. Deadline extended to saturday 9th Jun 2012, 11pm GMT time.

    In addition to voting, I strongly encourage everyone to post reviews of all entries (they aren't too many, so this should not take too much of your time). - This is not a requirement but is appreciated.

    Next dare will come up shortly. And I need to list the scores from dare 12...
    Thank you for your patience.

    I want to believe.
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    Here is my voting (i hope i understood the system right):

    5 points to afleetingspeck - i like the hypnotic rhythm
    4 points to Kyster - the rhythm maks a nice evolution smile
    3 points to Cannonrayj - maks me feel relaxed
    2 points to escortmarius - very multifaceted

    5 points to thatjeffcarter - very nice, crispy atmosphere
    4 points to Kyster - i like the production of the big dark space

    Thanks for the dare and greetings from austria!

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    This is both votes and reviews from me.

    Dare a (drums):

    1pts. escortmarius Quartertone1
    3pts. olsn7/OSH37 Different doors
    2pts. Chalk woman / Cannonrayj Pinafolin 1
    4pts. afleetingspeck Quartertones quarternotes

    Dare b (no drums):

    1pts. Chalk woman / Cannonrayj Pinafolin 2
    2pts. thatjeffcarter Strange retort


    escortmarius - Quartertone1

    Reminds me of an parade in the town that i grew up in. Every once in a while there would be a parade through a street in Esbjerg (Dk) with a marching band, and this sort of gets me there again. It's mainly the floor drums that does it, i think. It's simple, but still it takes me some place, and that's what music are supposed to do.

    olsn7 / OSH37 - Different doors

    A very strange atmosphere. The underlying layer gets the track to seem a little hectic at times, but the stronger homogenic tones manages to keep it on the ground. It's very beautiful and takes me in. When the second part kicks in and the undertying layer takes over, i'm prepared, but not enough. The static and the more harsh tones really chocks me, but still in a good way.

    Chalk woman / Cannonrayj - Pinafolin 1

    Suspence, drawn by drums. Like pinafolin 2, it drags me in the direction of something asian. The cymbals does this, i think, but also the space in between.

    Chalk woman / Cannonrayj - Pinafolin 2

    A really nice dreamscape, with something like an asian touch. I like the way it distorts at times, to get the listeners attention. The sounds just flows into each other in a great way, and keeps it interesting at all times. It could be an audio version of my life; sometimes good and calm, sometimes hard and mindblowing. I really like this piece! It stops quite sudden though, but when put together with Pinafolin 1, it's complete.

    thatjeffcarter - Strange retort

    This really draws me in. Although i'm not sure which catagory it's under (a/b), it contains a lot elements i like. The speed and atmosphere in the first section gets my attention, and builds it up all the way. I like how it changes into ambience. The ringing out, past the mid section is great and those small glitches still going on, just makes it perfect.

    afleetingspeck - Quartertones quarternotes

    I'm back in the rehearsal room with my friends from the past. It's a dull day, that can only evolve into something weird. In those days i was playing around with a lot of instruments, and was blessed with a drummer that would pick up his sticks and play something similar to this. With me on guitar / kays / trombone this would always end in some sort of free play, while the two other guys from the band would either follow along or make it even better. Well this track reminds me of these days where music ment everything, night and day we would play. Thanks afleetingspeck!

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    Dear All

    I am away on travel again. I will only close the voting when I am back.
    I am extending the voting deadline to saturday 9th Jun 2012, 11pm GMT time.
    The post at the top of this thread has been edited to refled the new deadline.


    I want to believe.
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    These are some great tracks and I'm glad to have been a part of this challenge.

    Dare 13 A (Drum Side)

    5 points to Kyster for -Slagen.
    4 points to afleetingspeck for -Quartertone's Quarternotes.

    (this was a difficult distinction to make. I liked both tracks, but it came down to the sense of urgency and mystery in Kyster's track. It felt like it could be the soundtrack to a mystery/thriller / conspiracy movie...)

    3 points to escortmarius for -Quartertone 1 - wow! I love the idea of using so many samples 1 time each.

    2 points to chalkwoman for -Pinafolin 1 - You captured some very cool tones in there.

    Dare 13 B (Not-so Drums Side)

    5 points to Kyster for -Sleep didn't help. - I love the "imperfections."
    4 points to osh37 for - Different Doors - I like a lot of the individual sounds in this one, but not as much as a whole...
    3 points to chalkwoman for -Pinafolin 2 - Interesting effects (but a little on the harsh side for my ears)

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    My votes and comments...


    Afleetingspeck - Quartertone's Quarternotes
    5 points!
    Beautiful! Excellent execution!
    A very classy and, in a way, energetic piece.
    The various percussion sounds have been very well used here, great groove and feel and also lots of variation.

    Escortmarius - quartertone1
    4 points!
    I am giving this piece 4 points on it's potential rather than current state.
    This is certainly a very contemporaneous percussive piece. The sort of thing that could have been put together by a modern composer.
    Shame, shame, shame it is soo short ! - Come on Marius, get back to work and add a proper sequence to this, turning it into a full size piece - Then, of course, share with us at Freesound/Soundcloud !

    Kyster - Slagen
    3 points!
    It is quite a minimalist piece in the sense that the initial groove and rhythm stays with the piece throughout. Use of clever variations prevents the piece from getting boring. Clever.
    Also particularly like the ending of this piece.

    Cannonrayj / chalk woman - pinafolin.1
    2 points!
    A far more minimalist piece.
    Certainly fits the dare subject, but is not as exciting to listen to as some of the other percussive pieces.
    This one is of a more meditative nature. Thing almost budist temple cerimony...


    Kyster - Sleep didnt help
    5 points!
    A hauting piece. ... Aliens and UFOs floating eerly in the night come to mind.
    There are pulsating low frequency sounds and eery hollow 'winds' along with some alien clicks and bleeps...
    This piece is a reminder that there are far more things out there than we can ever dare to understand.
    No wonder 'sleep didn't help' !

    ThatJeffCarter - Strange Retort
    4 points!
    ThatJeffCarter's piece straddles the boundaries between the no-drums and drums styles.
    I really like the long looping echoes, but there are also some non-processed or little processed percussive sounds there.
    Interestingly there are also some glitched sounds.
    Very different from Jeff's usual, but also very nice.

    Osh37 - Dare_13_b_Different Doors
    3 points!
    Very good start on this piece. Although after the first minute there has been little sonic development and it starts to get a bit boring. Around 1min30s new sounds are introduced and the piece changes completely.
    At around 1min45s there is a great groove of bleeping electronic sounds. As a new rumble sound comes up I can't avoid the feeling of being inside a large machine.
    Then the brain scan sound somes in! (You will know it when you hear it!)
    The first minute of this piece is a bit monotonous (maybe you could have some highpass or lowpass filters slowly moving over this part?). The last 2 minutes, however, retrieve listener's interest and save the piece.
    Good work with some room for improvement.

    Cannonrayj_chalk woman_pinafolin.2
    2 points!
    The start of this music makes me think of trains... Huffing and puffing and train whistles...
    This is a nice piece, I particularly like the cymbal sounds throughout.
    However, there is a lot of clipping: at around 1min, then at 2min30s and again around 2min45s.
    That really spoils the listening experience for me.
    In some cases digital clipping can be used as an effect (on individual sounds, I would always recommend against using it on the master mix). Very likely you will want to soften the blow with something else (a phaser effect, maybe) because digital clipping is quite nasty.
    If you do want to use it on the master mix, though, make sure you lower the volume of the whole thing afterwards (or that you are using a plugin effect to get the clipping), either way: make sure the master mix is not reaching 0dB - Both so that you don't blow people's ears in smile and also so that anyone looking carefully will understand the clipping was intentional (I would still always advise against digital clipping on the master mix, though).

    I want to believe.
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    Voting for this dare is now closed

    I want to believe.

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