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    Dare 13 - Celebrating SuperUsers (double dare)

    Dare 13 - Celebrating SuperUsers (double dare)

    OK everyone, I feel like I owe you: last dare was particularly difficult and I did not enter myself.
    Although I cannot promise to enter this one (lots of pressure still with starting a new job and might be travelling at the end of May), but I can make some things easier and others more interesting for the lot of us.
    This time I am really making it into a double dare. This means that you can enter 2 pieces instead of one (read the rules, though: some conditions apply).
    I emphasize 'can' not 'must'. It is up to you. Some people seem to finish their dare entries quick, so if they want to have a second go at the subject (from a different perspective) that could be interesting.

    Also, I go back to using the dare to celebrate something that is great about Freesound.
    All users are important to Freesound. Even the ones who just download stuff - remember: the point of putting these samples online is for them to be used!
    But some users, do really distinguish themselves...
    I choose to pick quartertone as an example of such a user. The quantity and quality of samples he uploads is simply mindbogling. Add to this the painstakingly recording of various velocity levels and tunnings for each drum, and you have trully amazing high quality sample sets at your disposal. All for free. You don't even have to say "Thank you".
    But we do! This is our way to say "Thank you".

    I hope to celebrate other users in the future too. There are quite a few that deserve our thanks.


    Just a quick reminder of how this works in terms of rules:

    GENERAL RULES - will apply to all dares I wil be posting. These are things like "must use sounds from Freesound"
    THEME RULES - these will be specific for each dare.
    VOTING - If there are enough entries there will be a voting.

    This is the thread with the DARE theme and rules. Submissions will also be posted on this thread.
    There is a thread for DISCUSSION. This is where you can comment on other people's work, ask questions, etc.
    I am hopping there will be enough submissions for voting. If so a VOTING thread will be created and then a RESULTS thread.



    1 - The dare is open to any Freesounder. No collabs allowed on this dare.

    2 - In all dares you are required to:
    2.1 - use sounds from Freesound (the details of what sounds you can and can't use will be specific to each dare, see below)
    2.2.- Post in the DARE thread with a BRIEF description of your work, a link to the submission file (files should be posted at soundcloud) list of attributions (i.e., list all sounds you have used from Freesound.

    3 - If there are enough entrants, a voting will take place at the end of the DARE. Details are posted in the voting threat, but voting will normally be open for 1 week.
    3.1 - If there is a vote, all entrants to the dare must vote or will be desqualified.
    3.2 - You are not allowed to vote for yourself.
    3.3 - Freesounders who have not submitted an entry are allowed to vote IF they have been Freesound members for longer than 3 months and have either uploaded 3 sounds to the Freesound database OR have 5 posts in the forums.
    3.4 - If there are enough entrants for this dare, I create a voting thread which will contain the voting rules and deadline.



    The theme is "Celebrating SuperUsers" (double dare)

    These are the THEME RULES:

    1.1 - Your composition(s) must be between 2 and 4 minutes long
    1.2 - You can only use samples from user quartertone, with a posting date of today or earlier.
    You are not allowed to use any other samples.
    1.3 - You can use these samples in two ways:
    a) You can try to think as a drummer/percussionist and create a piece for drums/percussion.
    b) Process the samples so that they sound nothing like drum sounds and create a piece that has no drum/percussion sounds at all.
    1.4 - You can enter two pieces, one for each of the styles a) and b) above.
    1.5 - Please note no collabs are allowed for this dare.

    2.- Entry format
    2.1 - we will accept musical pieces, sound collages, sound scenes...
    2.2 - Please upload your entry to Soundcloud if at all possible. Any file format accepted at Soundcloud will be acceptable.

    3. - Submitting an entry
    3.1 - Remember: Freesound is for sounds, not music. So do NOT upload your entry to Freesound.
    Upload to Soundcloud -
    (If you do not have an account at Soundcloud, creating one is free and takes less than 1 minute.)
    3.2 - Your entry must be DOWNLOADABLE.
    3.3 - Post in this forum with a description of your work, and the attribution list of samples used.
    3.4 - Join the soundcloud group "Freesound Dares" and share your track there. If you do not know how to do this ask for help in the "DISCUSSION" thread.

    4. - Attribution
    It is very important to make sure you attribute all samples used. This is required when using any samples from Freesound.

    5 - Other information
    Please include in your submission a short description of what you have done to the samples.
    If you want to give more detail, please use the DISCUSSION thread, so we can keep this thread compact.

    6 - DEADLINE
    Submissions will close on the 26th of May around 11pm GMT.
    (I am trying to avoid a date in which I might be travelling. If I happen to be travelling, I could be late in closing the dare but please do not count on this and aim to hit the deadline)

    Good luck !
    For any questions, please use the DISCUSSION thread.

    I want to believe.
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    Here's my entry for part (a).
    It is very unlikely that I will be doing part (b).
    On this one, I used about 10-12 samples (all attribution at soundcloud), and I used EQ for some percussion, a compressor for the kick (heard in the first part) and delay on some tom sounds that actually sounded like wooden blocks.
    Hope you guys enjoy this!

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    here is my entry:

    all attribution, and technical stuff is posted on soundcoud, and the third track is the 2 separate layers, used to make the second part, made into one long version... kind of just a bonus, as i really liked the mix between the drum, and having it be nothing like a drum. i hope you enjoy it!

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    I'm sorry to have missed the last dare, but glad to be able to share this one with you.

    Strange Retort

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    Cannonrayj wrote:
    here is my entry:

    all attribution, and technical stuff is posted on soundcoud, and the third track is the 2 separate layers, used to make the second part, made into one long version... kind of just a bonus, as i really liked the mix between the drum, and having it be nothing like a drum. i hope you enjoy it!

    Did you share your pieces at the 'Freesound Dares' group at Soundcloud?
    Can't see them there.

    I want to believe.
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    I've postet my go at the dare (only the first part for now) here

    I'm terribly sorry for my long absense, but real life demanded the better of me, these past two months. I finally got a little time on my hands again, so why not spend it on a dare smile

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    The second part of the dare can be found here:

    along with a track of the two dare pieces combined, here:

    I haven't shared the joined track in the freesound group, as it is not a part of the dare, but just for the fun of it smile

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    Dear All,

    Most people seem to be joining the two tracks of the dare in some form. I think that is a great idea.

    I must let you know that I won't be able to get an entry in time for the dare.
    Been very busy this month and will be away this week without access to my music PC.
    Should be back to normal next month, as my life begins to return to normal.

    I will post a 'drum' and a 'non-drum' track soon after I come back, but it will be outside the dare deadline.

    See you all soon.

    I want to believe.
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    This is my entry for option (b):

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    My Entrie for dare-13:

    Its a little on the short side, but I used a total of 336 samples so you will never hear the same sample twice.
    I will edit my post later with all the details


    I didnt have much time to figure something out for this dare, so I decided to take a little different path then normal.
    I downloaded the following sample packs:

    I placed all the samples on the same place as they came up in my DAW librairy only playing a little with the space between them.
    No effects used at all.

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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    escortmarius wrote:
    you will never hear the same sample twice.

    Interesting concept. Don't be surprised if this comes up as a dare smile

    I want to believe.
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    Dear All,

    This dare is now closed. No more submissions please.

    I am now back from my trips and expect to have some time to be online tonight and get on top ofg things...
    Thank you for your patiences.

    I want to believe.

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