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    The Continuum 3 - Dwight Reloaded!

    Hmmmm things seem to quiet in the dare forum at the moment!
    Where is everyone?

    Maybe this will spice things up a bit.
    This is another Continuum mini-dare: no deadline, no voting, just a very somple set of rules.
    Michael_trickery was kind enough to let us use his beautiful dare 10 entry as a remix source. This will be the starting sample of this Continuum:
    Instead of each changing the previous entry, this time I am asking each pf you to have a go at remixing Michael's sample.
    You can add any freesounds to it, or even sounds not from freesound (provided you have the copyright).
    You must use 'Continuum-3' as a tag and you must describe what you did and sounds used.
    Finally, your entry must be the same lenght as Michael's sample (a slight overshoot for reverb tail is ok).

    Post here to let me know you uploaded an entry so i can moderate.

    I want to believe.
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    From a mathematical structure where you know whats coming to one where anything goes! Here's my remix created mostly by putting the sample into a MAX patch that takes a random walk through the soundfile, of course with a piece that is repetitive like the original sample, this becomes a game of the sample cutting itself off, and durations and effects creating (hopefully) interest.

    My sound:

    the MAX Patch I used (it works great in runtime, and I reccommend using it on field-recordings of conversations):

    sounds. good. -Joanna Geralyn
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    So this probably barely meets the requirements of being a remix since I sort of forced the sample to do what I wanted rather than the other way around.
    Starts with the vocal part played through a voice synth, then progressively gets lower.
    Added some bass that I played, a bass solo that I played and some synth that I programmed and played along with some drums that are ok to use.
    Then the voice gets really low and bitcrushed and the original sample gets sped up. Then some more bass, solo, synth. Then there is a bit of a switch where I took the drum sound from the original and put it in a drum machine along with some cut up samples I created by processing the original file using a granular plugin I made and some other strange stuff. By the way, the noise you can kind of hear under the whole thing are the raw files I created using that signal chain (then I took some interesting parts and slowed/sped them to make percussion sort of sounds. And of course it wouldn't be complete without some weird synth noise from my modular at the end.
    Everything was recorded and "mixed" in Reason aside from the processing I did on the original file which happened in Tracktion with a VST I made and processed further in Argeïphontes Lyre.
    Obviously this is much more of a song than a sample so it is on Soundcloud instead of Freesound.

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