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    So I was just making some recordings for the next dare and remembered that alienXXX asked me to post a more specific description of my piece for this dare especially since so many participants described in the voting that they couldn't really connect to it, so here is a short version of thought process/ reasonings:

    When I first downloaded all the samples and put them into ProTools they kind of happened into the first 9seconds of the piece and I absolutely loved it, it had a very definite character about it even though I couldn't really describe that character. So, instead, I made the piece a story of dissecting, zooming in, compressing, looking for the character of that first nine seconds. To tie together the various stretching and layerings I processed a loop of the longest water sound so that it itself would sound confused. This process left me with about a minute of self-referencing exploration so to make it the 2-4 minute length I added a section that sounded like looking (think trying to find your way out of a cave by echolocation...thus the title) and then rounded it off with a variation on my favorite stretching sound from the beginning.

    Also important to connecting with the piece is foreknowledge that my compositional style in general and especially the textures in this piece are highly influenced by Iannis Xenakis and his contemporaries in France in the 60s.

    Hope that helps!

    and for good measure here's another link to the piece:

    sounds. good. -Joanna Geralyn
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    Thanks for doing this. I guess anyone reading this and listenning ti the piece again will surely pick up things they missed on their previous listenning. I see this as an important part of the dares: not only should we use feedback from others to improve our music making skills, we should also take the opportunity and make the effort to improve our listenning skills.
    Ultimately, from better listenning will come better music smile

    I did pick up on the fact that there were re-occurring groups of sounds (as a lot of the piece is self-referrencing to those first 9 seconds or so), but i still missed a lot of what was going on.
    Thanks again for your explanation smile

    I want to believe.