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    DARE 6 - Celebrate the new !

    Right, there are at least a few people interested, so I am kicking this off... see where it goes.
    If it goes well this will be the first of many dares that I will be starting here. So work with me guys/girls! smile

    We may tweak this a little bit after we have run a couple of dares but here is the basic:

    GENERAL RULES - will apply to all dares I wil be posting. These are things like "must use sounds from Freesound"

    THEME RULES - these will be specific for each dare.

    VOTING - If there are enough entries there will be a voting.

    I will create several threads in the dare forum for each dare:
    There will be starting threat with the DARE theme and rules. Submissions will also be posted on this thread.
    There will be a thread for DISCUSSION. This is where you can comment on other people's work, ask questions, etc.
    If appropriate, a thread will be setup for VOTING, once the submissions are closed.
    When voting closes, a RESULTS thread will be created.



    1 - The dare is open to any Freesounder. Limmited to one entry per participant.

    2 - In all dares you are required to:
    2.1 - use sounds from Freesound (the details of what sounds you can and can't use will be specific to each dare)
    2.2.- Post in the DARE thread with a brief description of your work, a link to the submission file (mp3 or ogg) list of attributions (i.e., list all sounds you have used from Freesound.
    2.3 - Unless specifically stated in the THEME rules, you cannot use your own Freesound samples.
    2.4 - Collaboration entries are accepted, but you still can only entry one piece.

    3 - If there are enough entrants, a voting will take place at the end of the DARE. The voting will be open for 1 week.
    3.1 - All entrants to the dare must vote or will be desqualified.
    3.2 - You are not allowed to vote for yourself. This means your own single entry or a collaboration entry that you are part of.
    3.3 - Freesounders who have not submitted an entry are allowed to vote IF they have been Freesound members for longer than 3 months and have either uploaded 10 sounds to the Freesound database OR have 10 posts in the forums.
    3.4 - If there are enough entrants for this dare I will post the voting rules on the voting thread. smile



    This dare's theme is "Celebrate the new".
    Celebrate the new Freesound 2.0 but also new sounds and new users.

    These are the THEME RULES:

    1.1 - your composition must be between 2 and 4 minutes long
    1.2- It must use at least 10 sounds from Freesound which comply with the following rules.
    The sound must have been added to Freesound in the last month (i.e., from 27 Aug 2011 to 27 Sep 2011).
    OR, if it was added to Freesound longer than one month ago, it must be one of the first 3 sounds uploaded by that user.
    Sounds that do not comply with the rules above must not be used.

    2 - You are allowed to process the sounds.
    You should mention what processing you have used when you post your entry. For example "used EQ, a flanger VST, stretching and reverb".

    3 - Entry format
    Your entry must take the form of a musical piece.
    You must encode your entry in a compressed format (mp3 or ogg).

    4 - Submitting an entry
    4.1 - Remember: Freesound is for sounds, not music. So do not upload your entry to Freesound!
    Instead upload to Soundcloud -
    or to a public folder in Dropbox -
    or to CCMixter -
    4.2 - Your entry must be downloadable as an mp3.
    4.3 - Post in this forum with a description of your work, link to the file and the attribution list of samples used (see next point)

    5 - Attribution
    This is VERY important. Not only it adheres to the Freesound policy (give attribution to the files you use) but also it is a requirement so that I can verify the samples you used adhere to the rules.
    If you do not post with attribution list your entry will be desqualified.
    This is how you should list attributions:
    Freesound sample #, sample name (optional) by username.

    6 - DEADLINE
    Submissions will close on the 20th October 2011

    Good luck !
    For any questions, please use the DISCUSSION thread.
    Thank you.


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    Though Toiletrolltube was technically first to post his entry, I claim first in the proper thread.... (small victory, I know)

    My October Dare entry is available at:

    thanks to those freesounders whose sounds made it possible.

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    and here is mine. It was fun to do. Hope more users wil try.
    For me the base was the wonderful world of bits and bytes I love.

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    I have also finished, somewhat, my entry. It is short. And I will have to post files names tomorrow. But I wanted to get in on the deadline.
    [edit] I forgot to convert to mp3. That is fixed now.[/edit]

    Here is my entry:

    Here are the files I used:

    Answer The Call
    While You Still Hear It All
    Cause Nobody Will If You Won't - DT
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    Dear All,

    to my shame and embarassment I just about make my entry as I am getting ready to close the submissions period.
    I will try and be more organized next time... (I blame the really busy 2 weeks I have had at work, but never mind)

    Here is my entry:

    I will post the list of sounds used tomorrow. There are quite a few and I want to make sure I do not miss any.

    Edit 22-Oct-2011 16:57
    List of files used:

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    cheer up if you missed it smile smile smile
    ... there is always next month's dare !
    smile smile smile

    I want to believe.

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