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    No Download Record When Downloading Packs!

    I just downloaded wimwams Hardcore Package, and when came back to find where it was for attributing, It wasnt on the download list. All the other things I downloaded were, but not that. So Whenever you download a pack, it doesnt show it on file. I woulda been lost if i didnt remember the users name.

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    Hello and welcome to Freesound !

    I have had the same problem and have asked the question myself.
    This is a known limitation of the Freesound database: Downloads of samle packs do not get logged on the download list.
    At the moment there is no solution for it in the pipeline.

    I can suggest two things:
    1) If you download a pack always download an isolated sample from the pack. This would be logged and might help you find the pack later.
    2) If you keep the original file names you can always find them back on Freesound. - That is what I do.

    Hope this helps.

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