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    Feature Suggestion: Custom Attribution Lists

    I'm currently sound designing a senior thesis film at my school and I'm planning on using some samples from freesound. If I wind up using a lot, I will probably ask the director to add a url for an "online attribution list" in the film credits rather than asking him to list each sample. I then realized that I don't have a webspace where I could put such a list that meets two criteria:

    1. The url is something he and I would not be embarrassed to put in the credits!
    2. I can be reasonably certain that the webspace is reliable enough to serve up the page for the foreseeable "lifetime" of the film. (The film currently has no website, and even if it did I'm not sure I'd trust it to stay up for more than a year or two.)

    It then occured to me that freesound would be the perfect place to host such a list. Even something as simple as a page with text that I enter into a text box (like the user page) with a url like this:

    I'll have to figure out some sort of interim solution since we're screening the film in a couple of weeks (I might use google sites which looks pretty close to what I need), but I thought this might make a nice feature, especially for nightingale. It could be more elaborate, allowing you to click a button to copy over entries from your auto-generated "attribution list", etc.

    Let me know if this sounds feasible and useful!

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