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    Idea/Proposal to improve moderation times and lower workload

    Proposal to make moderation bigger, better, and faster for everyone:

    Allow more people to volunteer to become a moderator (for example, everyone who has uploaded 50 approved sounds, or everyone who has donated at least €50)

    Write clear, easy to follow guideline / tutorial on how to moderate sounds

    Make moderation consensus-based:

    For example, require 10 moderators to look at a sound, and require 90% of approvals for the sound to be published

    Make it easy for mods to say why a sound was rejected (for example, checkmarks of the most common reasons. Copyrighted, not tagged properly, etc...)

    If the vote fails, then the sound is rejected, user is sent a message as to why and they can fix and try again

    Streamline everything

    This is similar to how it used to work years ago on another content focused social network I used to frequent. It was very effective as it allowed for more moderators and accelerated approvals while maintaining very high levels of accuracy. The little spam that made it to the front page was quickly reported by users.

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    Hi @saorenjoyer, thanks for coming up with a proposal.

    Moderating sounds isn't an easy task and I think it could hardly be simplified to a point in which it could be opened so much. Also, what you propose would mean having a very active pool of users moderating.

    I think the current moderation process works quite well (even though there are things to improve for sure), and I think the waiting time of a couple of days is reasonable and accepted by the community. Nevertheless if things are not that nice in the future we might need to think of alternatives maybe more similar to what you suggest.

    the freesound team

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