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    User following me and others

    Maybe a minor issue but in the past i could see who was a new follower of me. Now the followers are alphabetical.

    I would like the old situation.

    What do other think about this issue?


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    I don't have enough followers for this to make the slightest difference to me personally, but klankbeeld gets my support.

    Ideally there would be a sort-order option somewhere. Perhaps a preference setting on the users profile page if we don't want to clutter things up elsewhere.

    Same goes for a few other things, like list users sounds in descending order of number of downloads or comments or stars instead of just by date.

    (I must be a troublemaker who likes making things difficult for others.)


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    For awhile I thought we were racing to 2000 followers klankbeld, looks like you are gonna win this one haha.

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