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    Stats for Authors


    Might be a cool feature if one could see more stats on their uploads; at least to see how many times the sound has been downloaded / listened to and total amount of downloads / listens?


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    The question is...

    Do you really want to know how many people played your sound but chose not to download it?

    Doesn't seem like useful analytical data to me on this site specifically. I guess on a website like Soundcloud or Bandcamp it would make sense.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Can't have too much info.

    I like the idea of being able to see how many times something has been viewed.
    For example if I see a "dice roll" sound has been viewed 36000 times, but I have no download, Id conclude there's a demand for rolling dices sounds, but the quality wasn't up to par and I need to re-sample it in higher quality or another form. Either that or title/tags were misleading and need to change.

    A analytic page that could show the must searched tag from my content, or the most downloaded type of sound, could help one focus on sampling stuff that's wanted by others.

    Even better would be showing up multiple tags that people search which aren't available in my content. (For example lets imagine I sample lots of hitting glass bottles and tag them as "glass percussion", someone could search on the user account "glass percussion" and add "wine glass" tags, and if enough people search "wine glass" in addition to the "glass percussion" category, well if Freesound gave back the info that "wine glass" is often searched but I lack those tags. I could hit a few wine glasses and fill in that gap.
    (All this raises privacy concerns, but perhaps a user could tick a "use and record my searches" box, or not, so everyone's happy)


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