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    A 'Dark Theme' option.

    many websites have this, and i believe it isn't too difficult. but that's what a lot of us would like to see when making stuff around midnight. (even during the day grin ) i'm thinking pretty simple, just straight inverting all the color. that's more or less should be what we're looking for. all color even the wave form color. that would work for someone like me, but it might be a little too psychedelic for most peeps. if you check out Google's dark theme, that's pretty nice. i like the straight black one personally. please consider this, it would help a lot of us. thx

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    There are various ways of inverting the screen ...

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    You could use "Dark Reader" extension for chrome. I am sure there is similar for other browsers that do the same.
    But I agree, wish was easier on the eyes with an optional darker theme.

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