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    moderation and semi-white list

    Can you consider to make a sort of semi-white list of users, in regards to moderation of uploaded sounds?

    Right now, every sound waits until someone get's into it.

    Semi-white list would pass online some samples by default, but moderation-after-publishing would apply. Technically it's less work for moderators, because whitelisted people don't need so much attention than general population.

    Also, it would make easier access to uploaded sounds, when they are needed. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    Thanks for your suggestion

    We have been for a while discussing internally ways to improve this system. So in future you'll most likely see something that eases the process of contribution/moderation and which streamlines the experience for all. smile

    I can't divulge any details at this time but we appreciate your patience


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